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Express yourself in creative ways.

We draw, paint, design, animate and create stories together in Pleasanton.

Welcome to spaceIN art studio, located in Pleasanton! Here at our studio, we know that art is not just about hanging a piece on a wall: it’s about having a creative mind and being expressive in everyday life with the joy of creating art! Our mission is to help our artists accomplish these goals in an enthusiastic and unique way.

We aim to educate our students in all different kinds of creative art processes in a safe and supportive environment. By combining the latest technology with the traditional arts, we give our students the opportunity to work with computer and studio arts under the best artistic instruction available in the Tri-Valley area.

We also offer a supportive community space where many local professionals and artists can meet, share ideas, and work together in the pursuit of artistic expression. 


HJ Chae, Director & Artist - Studio Arts

HJ Chae received a BFA and MFA in Painting in Fine Arts from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea and continued her studies at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, consequently receiving a Master's degree in Performance Studies. She then moved to Ohio State University to pursue a MFA degree in Dance and Technology with Professor Johannes Birringers, exploring virtualspace as a new venue for performance of the extended art form. Later, she obtained a certificate in Expressive Art Therapy from John F. Kennedy University in California to better enrich public art programs.

Chae has exhibited her paintings and performance arts in Paris, Montpellier, and Seoul. Before returning to California, she resided in Montpellier, France and Toronto, Canada. She is a member of the Asian American Women Artists Association (AAWAA), Leaf Palette (Illustrator association in Bay area), and Korean American Artists in NorCal (KAANC) and has recently participated in the exhibition 'Fresh Works' at the Harrington Gallery in the Firehouse Art Center since 2017.

Min Lee, Artist - Computer Arts (Advanced class)

Min Lee has a BFA in Painting from Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea as well as a MFA in Art and Technology from the School of Art Institute in Chicago. He is recently working for EA (Electronic Arts) and has worked as a Lighting Technical Director on several feature film animation projects for Pixar, PDI/Dreamworks Animation, Sony Imageworks, and FrameStore VFX studio.  He has also worked as Head of the Training Division at Dwarf Animation Studio in France. With his knowledge and a wide range of industry experience, Lee is genuinely passionate about teaching young students various collaborative, educational, and fine arts studio practices.

Lee's ultimate goal for the computer arts program is to set up a strong, visual storytelling course and to encourage all students to produce short films and animations in both individual and group projects. He believes in embracing art and technology influenced by games, literature, music, and social media to produce a paradigm shift into the world of innovative storytelling.


Tania Kim, Studio Share Program Artist - Assisting Computer Arts (Beginner’s and Intermediate class)


Diane No, Studio Share Program Artist - Assisting Computer Arts (Beginner’s and Intermediate class)